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A take on Xenophobia

4 September 2017

Story by Vanda Joubert Touched by the unthinkable acts of xenophobia happening in South Africa, various dance groups have reached out to each other with the intention of breaking the borders between their countries, to connect and look at...

A man with an unbreakable spirit

8 November 2017

By Thabiso Molopo David Nhlapo, who is paraplegic, saw a need to start an...

UCT hosts international congress to highlight child and adolescent mental health and autism in Africa

8 November 2017

The University of Cape Town’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry hosted the first...

Genes Day for Down syndrome

8 November 2017

THEME: SOCIAL COHESION- “your fit is unique” A clarion call goes out to all...

Appreciate your bones on World Osteoporosis Day

8 November 2017

On 20 October, the globe will celebrate World Osteoporosis Day and calls on everyone...

Editor's Choice

New wave of therapy for amputees

12 July 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) is a term that we have all been hearing a lot about lately, but the true extent of this tool can go much deeper than just a gaming gadget. VR has been adopted by various major industries such...

Global Immigration

4 September 2017

View from a reader Recently I’ve been forced to confront a rather uncomfortable truth....

Demystifying Disability

12 July 2017

“Your words made new things possible in my mind.” – Celeste, audience feedback. As an...

Tracking the footprint of deafblind persons in SA

12 July 2017

Understanding Deafblindness Deafblindness is a combination of visual and hearing impairment (dual sensory disability)...

PanSALB Awards for Deaf Awareness

3 March 2017

Sign language interpreter, Natasha Parkins-Maliko and well known Deaf activist, Nenio Mbazima, recently got...


Combrink aims to climb the athletics ladder

8 November 2017

JOHANNESBURG – It’s that time of the year where athletes are being recognised for their achievements in the sporting World. Big names like Caster Semenya, Wyde van Niekerk and Luvo Manyonga are being celebrated after being nominated for the...

Maripa joins Wheelchair Tennis’ World Top 12

8 November 2017

By Prince Jacon When talking about tennis players, you’ll most likely focus only on...

Adaptive Action Sports Are You Up For The Challenge?

4 September 2017

Adaptive Action Athletes are innovative and courageous athletes who are constantly reforming and changing...

Wheelchair Tennis South Africa Looking Ahead to Empower More Girls

4 September 2017

National Women’s month is upon us and Wheelchair Tennis South Africa (WTSA) General Manager,...

The Miracle Coach

4 September 2017

Sipho Zono is a 43-year-old soccer coach from Sutterheim, a small town in the...