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Expressions: No Limits

23 Feb 2017

With a sizable audience around the pool, several hands are on the lookout to off er help when needed. Fabian plays a dual role as Jayd’s model partner as well as her support underwater. Ken Lovell, the photographer, first submerges himself on a count of 3 and the model pair slowly follows after him.

The photographer clicks the camera for continuous shots and in 5 seconds the trio resurfaces. The process is repeated a number of times at different angles using different costumes.
As the hour passes by, Jayd is becoming tired but her efforts as a first time underwater model yields satisfactory shots for the photographer and everyone present. Welcome to the world of underwater photography. Ken explains that he has been dabbling with it for a couple of years now. A self taught photographer, Ken does this part time and takes it as a hobby. As a specialized art form, underwater photography is done by very few people hence the long list of models on his calendar that are waiting for an opportunity to experience.

“I don’t charge anything for doing this. It is just for the love,” explains Ken, who is a professional engineer. “It’s also my first time working with someone on a wheelchair and the experience has been amazing! I look forward to do more shots with Jayd and other willing people.” Even for us the spectators, the energy rush, the thrill and the anticipation is noticeable.

About Jayd
Jayd was born with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), but was only diagnosed at about 14. A few years after, she was using a wheelchair. Friedreich’s Ataxia is a fatal neuromuscular disease. The disease in basic terms causes diffi culties walking, loss of feeling in the arms and legs, and impaired speech. It damages parts of your brain and spinal cord, and can also aff ect your heart.

Jayd is a model, blogger and aspiring graphic designer. Follow her on Facebook: Jayd with a Y

Anyone for a plunge? Contact Ken on email:


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