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Demystifying Disability

12 Jul 2017

“Your words made new things possible in my mind.” – Celeste, audience feedback.

As an inspirational speaker, author and workshop facilitator Lois speaks openly about the reality of being blind and inspires her audiences to see their own lives in a different way, allowing them to reach beyond their challenges to success.

Through her combination of practical techniques and entertaining and compelling storytelling, Lois’s audiences will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of how the visually impaired accomplish everyday tasks,
  • be inspired to see their world and their challenges in a different way
  • learn simple techniques to face and overcome their work and life challenges
  • understand how to integrate someone with a disability into their team, workforce or community “Lois is a breath of fresh air, she is a showstopper and dynamite.” – Patti, event organizer.

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