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Global Immigration

4 Sep 2017

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Recently I’ve been forced to confront a rather uncomfortable truth. While I watch friends excitedly make plans to build a life in another country, I am faced with the harsh truth there is no making plans for us. Firstly, it must be said that we are in no hurry to leave, but if we were what options would be open to us? There aren’t any.

This purely based on disability not a lack of merit.

Many first world countries are better equipped for the disabled and make life more accessible for those living there but those countries do not encourage disabled people to immigrate in any way.

Having looked at what options are available to us if and when we should decide to make the move the list is well… short.

When looking at requirements disability is a major red flag not a green one.

It appears that no matter where you live disability is seen as a disadvantage instead of a differently abled ability.

Being disabled doesn’t define who you are limits of what you can achieve are often preconceived. Disabled people do not want to be defined by their appearance but rather by the skill set they bring. Perhaps countries encouraging immigration should rather make this a positive part of their evaluation criteria.

So with this in mind, I wish those who emigrate the best of luck. I will endeavour to live in my country where I’ll do my best to see disability as differently abled, one of the privileged few who can encourage those in a similar situation – where and whoever they are to live, to sit up with pride, to make others take note of the difference they make.



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