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Quick meals for you!

4 Sep 2017

Guy Crankshaw

By Thabiso Molopo

Access A Meal is a quick meal that was created by Guy Crankshaw to make sure that persons with disability who miss their meals will at least have something to eat on a daily basis.

Guy, who himself is an amputee says he realised that many persons with disabilities who live independently skipped their meals and that was not good for them.

“I did a research and I found that many persons with disability especially those on wheelchairs skipped their meals and they end up lacking nutrition in their bodies by not eating right. I was also struggling when I had to make meals at my place after my leg was amputated” said Guy.

“I had cancer and the doctors told me that if they don’t amputate my leg I will eventually die. I was stressed before I got my leg amputated but when I saw other persons who were living a good life and didn’t have legs, I got better,” Crankshaw continued and praised the hospital that helped him.

“My leg was amputated at Charlotte Maxeke – a government hospital where normally people have bad things to say about service but they did a great job and they were very professional.”
Crankshaw’s idea is also endorsed by the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA). One of the people who eat Access A Meal is Freddy Ntumba. The 35 year old was involved in a motorbike accident 2008 and sustained SCI C6.

“I have been using Access a Meal for 1 month and a half and I am enjoying the chocolate flavour so much. It helps me to keep a good diet as I was skipping meals, mostly breakfast, due to lack of time, “said Freddy.

Guy also runs an organisation called Live without Limits that aims to raise funds for persons who lost their limbs and cannot afford the prosthetics.


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