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Restoring Dignity for Girl Learners

4 Sep 2017

Tshepiso Mokoena founder of TMFSA (extremem right) with the Dominican School learners.

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) staff under the leadership of Honourable Speaker Thandi Ruth Modise, who is the Chairperson of NCOP, contributed towards donating 200 sanitary towels to sixty girls at Dominican School for the Deaf in Wittebome on Mandela Day.

This project was coordinated by Miss Bandisiwe Cabangana-Mnyanda, an NCOP official in partnership with the Tshepiso Mokoena Foundation South Africa (TMFSA).

The project idea started in December 2016 when TMFSA (founded by sisters Tshepiso and Dibabatso) donated 48 sanitary towels and pledged to do so monthly on behalf of schools for deaf learners.

“Dibabatso came up with this idea for a sanitary pad project across South Africa, mainly to restore dignity for Deaf girl learners who are disadvantaged in many ways,” said Tshepiso.

“We are doing a lot of programs for the Deaf community to raise awareness since my sister and I are CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) and Dibabatso is now using hearing aids,” added Tshepiso.
From the donation to 48 girls at Noluthando School for the Deaf and Mary Khin School for the Deaf, both in Cape Town, the foundation has grown the project and started sanitary drop boxes in two organisations in Johannesburg. These collections will contribute to an annual sanitary towels drive, dubbed “Restoring Dignity”, which will be distributed to schools for the Deaf schools across Gauteng Province from 2018.

For donations in cash or in kind, please contact Tshepiso on or 072 038 3902


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