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A man with an unbreakable spirit

8 Nov 2017

By Thabiso Molopo

David Nhlapo, who is paraplegic, saw a need to start an NGO, Victorious David Foundation so he can inspire those who have lost hope on daily basis anywhere in the country.The forever smiling man will be launching the foundation later this year.

“Victorious David Foundation will focus more on improving the lives of people living with disability and expose them to different platforms and projects. We will also form a disabled adaptive surfing team which will get professional training from Adaptive Surfing South Africa in Cape Town,” said the 34 year old.David became paraplegic after he was shot twice while he was with his seven months pregnant girlfriend. “They wanted my girlfriend’s handbag and she was refusing to give them.

The guys started having an argument amongst themselves up until one took out a gun and opened fire towards my girlfriend so I had to come in between and take the two bullets for my girlfriend and our unborn baby,” said the man with an unbreakable spirit.  The couple was in a celebratory mood as they were expecting their first born. “My girlfriend was from her baby shower on that day,” added David. David, who used to love gym and running shocked many people when he recovered quickly at the hospital.

“I was at the hospital for six weeks and the doctors and the people at the rehabilitation centre were surprised by my quick recovery.”   A close friend of David, Lucky Setle said David is a man of faith. “What makes David strong is the fact that he trusts in God and himself – that makes him to have inner strength” said Lucky.Their baby, Ofentse Nhlapo is well and healthy after such a traumatic experience by his parents. David said he has forgiven his shooters.

“If I can meet them somewhere any day, I will not do anything to them – I have forgiven them and I have moved on with my life,” said the man who is originally from Soweto and now based in Pretoria.Victorious David Foundation will be launched as a business workshop in Pretoria on the 25th of November 2017. All those wishing to support and attend can he email him:


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