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A Call for Support: No Limits. Just Life!

20 Feb 2018

The Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF) runs various out-reach programs for people with disabilities living in South Africa. They believe that having adaptive sporting equipment easily available will allow people with mobility impairments the opportunity to experience the true satisfaction that all sport has to offer.

ASF believes that participation in sport is not only essential because it increases a person’s physical fitness and strength but it also builds confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, using social media platforms, ASF hopes to inspire and motivate others to get involved in various adaptive sports.

They would like to establish social impact by creating awareness around our Adaptive Wake-boarding, Go-karting, Surfing, Skiing, Hand-cycling, Kayaking, Para-Gliding, Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Rugby programs. Working with like-minded organization will not only help them create hype and interest growing their following base and attracting potential athletes but will also help build relationships with other NPOs and attract potential corporate sponsorships.

As a non-profit organisation, fundraising is a large part of ASF’s growth and is a rewarding experience for those who are involved. Collaborating with different organizations, they can raise funds through donations and fundraisers initiatives allowing them to carry out their objectives through purchasing the necessary adaptive sporting and recreational equipment.

One should also take into consideration the fact that most people with disabilities in South Africa need to be informed and educated regarding a healthy lifestyle around their disabilities.

The ASF team is growing in numbers and the enthusiasm within their team has never been higher. With your help ASF can ensure that all people with mobility impairments can live life
without limitations.

Let us all bring adaptive sports to all people with disabilities. Let us put smiles on people’s faces, let’s Encourage, Motivate and inspire others to enjoy life to the full.

Adaptive Sports Fund
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