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Schools benefi t from Doober App developers

2 Mar 2018

Spaces that needed revamping

In an eff ort to connect property owners with semi-skilled and vetted workmen, a mobile app called Doober has been created with the intention of creating jobs for unemployed people with basic skills such as painting, paving, plastering, tiling, gardening and carpentry.

The app developers recently donated R100 000 to four schools and homes as an outreach to improve the educational environment with their painting and gardening projects. Doober staff were on site on each of the schools doing renovations to improve the schools’ infrastructure. Forest Town School for Cerebral Palsied Children in Johannesburg was one of the schools that benefi tted from work by Doober.

” Doober is relatively new (6 months old) and this is the fi rst community event we have hosted,” quipped Julia Scafi das, Doober project Manager and the app developer. “Doober is aware of the plight of the disabled community and hence we chose Forest Town as one of the organisations for this initiative. This is our fi rst charity drive; we did the same for 3 other orphanages.” Property owners can book a workman via the Doober app and have the job fully coordinated through the app.

Doober is unique because it standardizes rates and targets individual labourers instead of already-established contractors. It also has an in-built materials estimates function which makes job planning convenient for app users.

“Our mission is to create jobs and enable thousands of semi-skilled people in our country to earn a living and become entrepreneurs through our platform.

We also aim to continue giving back to our community in projects such as the charity drive we have just completed.”

Doober undertook the renovation project of the schools and homes between the 19th and 22nd of February 2018.

Doober Contacts

WhatsApp line: 061 456 7745” | Email:
Website: | Social Media: @dooberbuild

Story compiled by Regina-Mary Ndlovu


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