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Quadriplegic man who defied doctors’ odds to paint a ‘can do’ picture

26 Jul 2018

Randall Wynkwart, 37, from Tafelsig aims to debunk impression of disabled Picture by Jack Lestrade

Cape Town – This quadriplegic man says he wants to show people with disabilities that they shouldn’t feel limited by their conditions.

Randall Wynkwart, 37, from Tafelsig in Mitchells Plain says for the upcoming Mandela Day next month, he plans to work in a restaurant as a waiter to raise awareness for the disabled.

Randall, who is a painter, became a quadriplegic when he was nine years old after he fell on his head in a freak accident at school.

He tried to jump over a gate but his pants got stuck and he fell on his head, injuring his spinal cord.

He was left paralysed from his shoulders down and doctors gave him six months to live, but he “defied the odds”.

“It took me years to accept my disability, and at the age of 17, I planned a suicide attempt,” he says.

“I was about to overdose myself with tablets and at that moment the song of Mariah Carey, Hero, started playing and I realised that I’m needed as a hero in society and my problems aren’t worth losing my life for.”

Randall gives art classes where he teaches kids to paint using their mouths like him. He plans to spend his 67 minutes for Madiba by raising awareness for people with disabilities.

“I want to be a waiter and take people’s orders as a normal waiter does. I want to get a wooden board across my wheelchair with the menu on it and then take it to the kitchen or wherever it needs to go to. I want to show people with a disability that we, too, can have jobs in a normal workplace.”

The Daily Voice spoke to Grillfather restaurant owner, Shane Swiegelaar, who says he would love to accommodate Randall at his Wynberg branch as it is wheelchair friendly. “We are more than happy to help Randall fulfil his 67 minutes for Mandela Day and we will pay him, and also triple the tips he gets on the day,” says Shane.

An ecstatic Randall said he would use the money to buy paint for his students.

Source: Daily Voice


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