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Finding confidence in deafness

16 Apr 2019

Deaf Confidence awarded R15 000 to the Mary Kihn School for the Deaf

Mary Kihn School for the Deaf in Observatory could soon get more donations through more regular fund-raising events that will be held throughout the year.

This comes after the school partnered with national movement organisation Deaf Confidence to raise the ‘much-needed’ funds for the school.

Deaf Confidence is a movement that motivates and empowers deaf people to always find the ability in their disability and motivates people who can hear to be confident when communicating with deaf people.

The funds raised will help better equip children in the school and community. All events will be held at the school.

Co-founder of the movement Tracy Duncan says serving schools is what they usually do. “We host regular fund-raising events to assist schools to deal better with their challenges.

We also spread awareness in the hearing community by giving motivational talks to them,” Duncan says.

“Apart from that, the movement also educate and motivate the deaf to empower themselves and become more confident,” she continued.

Reyhana Agherdien, another founder, said stigma around the deaf community is still a huge problem.

“The misconception that the deaf cannot do anything because they cannot hear is one of the challenges. Communication is another barrier because the hearing is not equipped on how to communicate with the deaf effectively,” Agherdien says.

“That is why it is very challenging for the deaf to find employment or they feel isolated in social circles and everyday life. Deaf Confidence’s aim is to educate, influence and empower the hearing to want to learn to communicate effectively with and assist the deaf.”

The story of Deaf Confidence is that each deaf person will find their unique ability in their disability being part of the movement.

Deaf Confidence has already raised R20 000 for the Mary Kihn School for the Deaf and the next event will be held on Saturday 6 April at the school.

Story by Thabang Kuaho
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