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I cast my vote for the party that will bring change in South Africa

14 May 2019

By Zenzele Dlamini

“Everything started slowly as I wasn’t sure whether I would be allowed to vote this year as I had not checked my registration details on time.

However, I then posted on Facebook asking whether I could go and vote where I was registered for the 2014 elections. The answer I received was yes and that excited me as right there and then I got ready to go and vote.

Around 15:00 I made my way to Protea Glen Extension 3, Soweto, where I had voted in 2014.

When I got to my voting station, Tholimfundo Primary School, there were not as many people as there were last time. However, that might have been influenced by the time that I went. For the previous election, I arrived at the station just before midday.

Voting is one of those times when being on the wheelchair can be advantageous in terms of not having to stand or wait in queues. Government regulations permit this, even though to some people waiting in line, when we just go to the front, it appears as if we are being disrespectful.

Accessibility was smooth because the school has ramps.

It took me less than 10 minutes from the time I arrived to cast my vote for the party that I believe will bring change in South Africa, and then also allow me to voice my opinions as a citizen.

My hopes provincially and nationally are to be governed by people with the same mind as the voters because that will make us reach the same goal. We need to be led by people who understand the struggle of South Africa and where we are headed to.”


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