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OPW groom and beautiful bride with disabilities touch Mzansi hearts

5 May 2020

By Nonkululeko Ngqola

The latest episode of Our Perfect Wedding left a lot of viewers all in their feelings

– Both the groom and bride are have disabilities, but that didn’t stop them from achieving their dream wedding


– Groom Diyoko and bride Margaret certainly left a lasting impression on Mzansi.

Mzansi was all in its feels after viewing the beautiful union between Margaret and Diyoko.

The pair both have disabilities, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their perfect love story, which ultimately culminated in their marriage.

Like all weddings, their big day had its challenges and flops, however fans were more concerned with how well Margaret and Diyoko complemented and supported and each other. Margaret has hearing difficulties and Diyoko was left with a speech impairment after a bad car accident.

Diyoko opened up about how his previous partner left him after his car accident. But, he was lucky enough to find love with Margaret after their chance meeting at a grocery store.

Our Perfect Wedding viewers took to Twitter to express their heartfelt emotions about the inspirational couple. One tweep wrote, “My God bless your union. A lot of us want to get married mara kunzima (but it’s difficult). You are an inspiration to the world. Let love lead.”

How they met:

The couple met at a local grocery shop. He was there to apply for a learnership, while Margaret was shopping with a friend, Nobantu. Diyoko needed a bit of help filing out the form and luckily Margaret and Nobantu were there to help him.

He liked her from the moment he saw her and after a brief chat, he asked her for her number. They started chatting via WhatsApp and they both grew fond of each other each day after that.

A terrible accident a few years ago (before he met Margaret) left Diyoko in hospital for months. He lost most of his speech ability. It was a difficult time for his family. His mother helped him get back on his feet again.


Margaret has hearing difficulties, while Diyoko has speech difficulties. She’s able to lip read and make sense of what he’s saying. It’s been a work in progress for them and his mother has been very helpful.

Margaret cannot wait to walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams, and they invite you to join them as they celebrate their big day.




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