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First ever Mr and Miss Albinism to be held in SA

21 Sep 2020

The crowning of Mr. Albinism Zimbabwe last year

By Nkhensani Hlungwani

The top 30 finalists of Mr and Miss Albinism South Africa pageant were announced on social media, on Wednesday, September 9.

They consisted of 17 females and 13 males who will compete for the championships on March 27, 2021.

The pageant will be held for the first time ever in South Africa and the founder of the pageant, Godfrey Mphatswe, says it was not easy to choose the top 30 because they didn’t use the typical criteria for a beauty pageant.

“The most important thing about this pageant is creating awareness. We chose people who could speak well and could be the perfect ambassadors for people with albinism,” he says.

The contestants applied online at with an entry fee of R150 and finalists were selected based on the biographies they sent.

The voting line was opened on September 9 and will close on March 26, 2021. People can vote for their favourites every 24 hours at

Mphatswe is one of the South Africa’s self-made entrepreneurs, an international model and a Mr South Africa Finalist 2016. He was invited to many African countries that celebrate the beauty of albinism and he noticed that his country was left behind.

“When I was in Malawi and Zimbabwe judging these pageants that’s when I saw that we needed the same back home, that’s when the passion of it started,” Mphatswe says.

One of the finalists, Sasekani Masingi (23) from Soweto, told THISABILITY that she entered the pageant in order to represent every individual who is different especially because of their sexuality and skin colour.

“I want to be an ambassador of change – to become a champion and advocate for the rights of people with albinism, a woman who inspires other young Africans to fulfill their potential, recognise their self-worth and find their place in the world,” she says.

The finalists will be provided with training which will entail stage confidence, pageant walk, posing technique, grooming and etiquette to prepare them for the big day. It will be done a week before the crowning through virtual sessions which will be between the contestants and the in-house model-coach, as well as different guests who will be grooming and building the contestants’ confidence.

“They will be the public property and they must be able to converse with people from all walks of life without feeling inferior or disrespected,” contestants’ coach Jabulani Bokako says.

According to Mphatswe, “The individuals who will be crowned as Mr and Miss Albinism South Africa will dedicate their time to serving South Africa through charity work, youth empowerment initiatives and other incredible acts of kindness. They will receive prize money which is still to be confirmed with the prize sponsors of the pageant. The contestants’ skills, attitudes and behaviour will be used to determine the deserving candidate.”

Miss Albinism Zimbabwe, Ayanda Sibanda shared inspiring words to the contestants via THISABILITY

. “This is more than just a beauty pageant competition; it’s about campaigning, raising awareness and building sisterhood.

“There is a lot to come, sleepless nights and tiring days but it’s for a worthy cause. Listen more and talk less but with every opportunity use your voice for advocacy and to bring smiles all around you. In summary live, love, laugh and learn,” Sibanda says.


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