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Lady born without arms celebrates driver’s licence and 1st time driving

15 October 2020

Tinyiko proudly holds up her license. Source: Facebook/Tinyiko Gwambe

– A local disabled woman has shared how happy she is about getting to drive for the first time after being born with no arms

– She also shared that she had passed an assessment that makes her eligible to become drive once she buys a car

– Facebookers congratulated her warm-heartedly on her achievement


A young disabled South African woman who was born with no arms recently shared a pretty motivational post in Facebook’s ImStaying group. In her post, she explains how it had always been her dream to drive.
Her dream finally became a reality after the disability unit at the University of Pretoria decided to explore the possibility of her becoming a licensed driver. After acing the assessment, Tinyiko Gwambe swiftly went on to pursue getting her licence, which she now has.
“Growing up, I had so many dreams regardless of my disability. One of my dreams was to see myself having the ability to drive and owning a car.

Although I do not have a special car yet because I cannot afford it, my dream became a reality when the Disability Unit at the University of Pretoria took the initiative to explore the possibilities of getting an assessment to identify whether I could drive a vehicle. “Everything changed when I passed the assessment with my occupational therapist, Caroline Rule, who was extremely excited when I excelled during my first hour of driving.”

“Special thanks to my instructor Desmond Harmse, who had so much confidence in me and got me driving on the road in just two days after starting with the lessons. Today I hold a Code 8 driver’s license because of those who believed in me although others thought it would be impossible for someone like me to drive. Car still loading,” she wrote in the touching post.
Facebookers congratulated her on her hard work and wished her many years of successful driving.

Source: Briefly


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