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Record-breaking 2021 Toyota national championships conclude

27 Apr 2021

The 2021 Toyota SASAPD National Championships concluded in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape with a total of 48 South African records being set across two sporting codes.

Powerlifting joined athletics in record-breaking performances on the final day of the championships with four new national standards.

On the final day of the athletics competition, which took place at the Westbourne Oval, two African records were set with Gautengs Daniel du Plessis powering to 52,41 in the mens 400m (T62) and Free States Arina Nicolaisen claiming the 1500m Senior women T38 mark in 06:18,76.  

Du Plessis was pushed all the way by Tebogo Mofokeng (NW) and rises to fifth fastest in the world in the class over the distance with Mofokeng, sixth. Du Plessiss performance is one of a number of top performances from the province, that is set to host the next edition of the Championships in 2022, and helped the team win the overall senior and junior athletics title this year.

Free State won the Goalball floating trophy while the hosts, Eastern Cape won the Boccia; Powerlifting and Judo competitions paving the way to be announced as the overall winning province.  

SASAPD President, Moekie Grobbelaar, congratulated the participants on their record-breaking performances and thanked all partners, sponsors and volunteers for ensuring that the games were able to take place.

For the second year, headline sponsor, Toyota South Africa, donated a quantum bus which was handed to Free States Martie Du Plessis school for cerebral palsied, physically and learning disabled.

The Championships were WPA sanctioned and provided track and field athletes with the chance to better their world rankings. All athletes, who havent previously opened a slot for South Africa have till 6 June 2021 to better their ranking and in turn have their result considered to open a slot for the country.

On 23 June, the world Paralympic association (WPA) will let SASCOC know how many extra slots – in addition to the 10 already given to the country in athletics – South Africa can fill for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Provisional Records

World Records – 3

Africa Records – 8

South African records (Senior and Age group) – 44

Toyota SASAPD National Championships Day 2 Track and Field records 24 April 2021

Obed Lekhehle (FS) Long Jump Senior men F42 – 3.65 (Provisional Africa record)

Yane van der Merwe (GP) Discus Senior women F44 – 29.92 (Provisional Africa record)

Charne Felix (WP) Long Jump Senior women T44 – 4,37 (Provisional Africa record)

Puseletso Mabote (GP) Long Jump u/17 men T62 – 4,84 (Provisional Africa record)

Kitso Malokometsa (GP) Long Jump u/17 men T62 – 2,78 (Provisional RSA record)

Thato Mthembu (GP) Long Jump u/17 men T46 – 4,89 (Provisional RSA record)

Kim Macdonald (GP) Long Jump u/20 women T64 – 2,84 (Provisional RSA record)

PJ Klopper (FS) Javelin u/17 men F13 – 19.68 (Provisional RSA record)

PJ Klopper (FS) Long Jump u/17 men F13 – 4,08 (Provisional RSA record)

PJ Klopper (FS) Shotput u/17 men F13 – 7,08  (Provisional RSA record)

Emile Burgers (GP) Javelin Senior men F64 – 51.13 (Provisional RSA record)

Joshua van Staden (WP) Shotput Senior men F41 – 7.08 (Provisional RSA record)

Obed Lekhehle (FS) High Jump Senior men F42 – 1.55 (Equalled RSA record)

Andrea Haywood (WP) Discus u/20 women F38 – 19.42 (Provisional RSA record)

Phila du Plessis (KZN) Shotput u/17 women F46 – 8.40 (Provisional RSA record)

Ayanbulela Langa (EP) Shotput u/17 women F34 – 5.10 (Provisional RSA record)

Ayanbulela Langa (EP) Discus u/17 women F34 – 11.07 (Provisional RSA record)

Sibusiso Manabela (GP) Shotput u/20 men F37 – 9.28 (Provisional RSA record)

Sabelo Mahlambi (GP) Shotput u/20 F36 – 8.99 (Provisional RSA record)

Rouvaun Wallace (WP) Long Jump u/20 T38 – 6,03 (Provisional RSA record)

Siyabonga Mazibuko (GP) 100m u/17 T37 – 15,85 (Provisional RSA record)

Mandilene Hoffman (GP) Discus u/17 F44 – 29,61 (Provisional RSA record)

Toyota SASAPD National Championships Day 3 Track and Field records 25 April 2021

Ntando Mahlangu (GP) 200m Senior men T61 – 22,94 (World record)

Mpumelelo Mhlongo (WP) 200m Senior men T44 – 22,96 (World record)

Maria Combrink (GP) Shotput Senior women F64 – 11.15 (World record)

Kerwin Noemdo (WP) Shotput Senior men F46 – 16,07 (Provisional African record)

Simone Kruger (GP) Shotput Senior women F38 – 11,23 (Provisional African record)

Mziwadoda Camba (EC) Shotput Senior men F43 – 9,68 (Provisional RSA record)

Yane van der Merwe (GP) Shotput Senior women F44 – 8.76 (Provisional RSA record)

Vidah Muthabi (Limpopo) Shotput Senior women F43 – 5.93 (Provisional RSA record)

Lungisele Ndlovu (GP) 800m Senior men T46 – 2:12.06 (Provisional RSA record)

Nielbert Mostert (FS) 800m u/20 men T13 – 2:16.31 (Provisional RSA record)

Daniel Molobela (GP) Shotput u/17 men F42 – 6,57 (Provisional RSA record)

Daniel Molobela (GP) Discus u/17 men F42 – 20,48 (Provisional RSA record)

Sibusiso Manabela (GP) Discus u/20 men F37 – 29,85 (Provisional RSA record)

Andrea Haywood (WP) Shotput u/20 women F38 – 7,57 (Provisional RSA record)

Ayanbulela Langa (EC) Javelin u/17 women F34 – 9.68 (Provisional RSA record)

Cere Holtzhausen (FS) u/20 Javelin F40 9.94 (Provisional RSA record)

Phila du Plessis (KZN) Discus u/17 women F46 – 22.87 (Provisional RSA record)

Phila du Plessis (KZN) Javelin u/17 women F46 – 30,96 (Provisional RSA record)

Imani Phetu (GP) Javelin u/17 women F37 – 11,10 (Provisional RSA record)

Ruben Ross (EC) Discus u/17 men F35 – 21,82 (Provisional RSA record)

Daniel Molobela (GP) Discus u/17 men F35 – 20,48 (Provisional RSA record)

Sabelo Mahlambi (GP) 200m u/20 men T36 – 27,22 (Provisional RSA record)

Puseletso Mabote (GP) 200m u/17 men T62 – 26,88 (Provisional RSA record)

Thato Mthembu (GP) 200m u/17 men T46 – 28,95 (Provisional RSA record)

Hemarisha du Toit (GP) Shotput u/20 women F44 – 8.63 (Provisional RSA record)

Agnes Tau (FS) Shotput u/20 women F63 – 4,76 (Provisional RSA record)

Jana Kleynhans (GP) 200m u/20 women T46 – 29,61 (Provisional RSA record)

Kim Macdonald (GP) 200m u/20 women T64 – 40,26 (Provisional RSA record)

Toyota SASAPD National Championships Day 4 Track and Field records 26 April 2021

Daniel du Plessis (GP) 400m Senior men T62 – 52,41 (Provisional Africa record)

Arina Nicolaisen (FS) 1500m Senior women T38 – 06:18,76 (Provisional Africa record)

Rouvaun Wallace (WP) 400m u/20 men T38 – 55,94 (Provisional RSA record)

Jana Kleynhans (GP) 400m u/20 women T46 – 1:10,70 (Provisional RSA record)

Lungisele Ndlovu (GP) 1500m Senior men T46 – 04:27,08 (Provisional RSA record)

Nielbert Mostert (FS) 1500m u/20 men T13 – 04:54,84 (Provisional RSA record)

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