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Allen John Visits VN Naaik School For The Deaf

28 February 2022

KwaZulu-Natal, 28 February 2022: German Challenge Tour player Allen John spent a fantastic few hours with the SADGA First Swing Program golfers from VN Naaik School For The Deaf on Tuesday of the 2022 Jonsson Workwear Open.

John – who has been Deaf since birth – learnt of the work done by the South African Disabled Golf Association in 2020 and has become an enthusiastic supporter of its First Swing Program.

Allen was incredibly generous with his time. He explained the importance of fitness and a healthy, well-balanced diet to the children. He also offered the golfers some insight into his upbringing and illustrated through his own achievements that with enough hard work and the right mindset, they too can achieve a lot in the game.


A fantastic morning was rounded off by John conducting a clinic on VN Naaik’s practice putting green.

SADGA Chairman Enver Hassen thanked John for the time spent at VN Naaik and spoke of the value of having great golfing role models to look up to.

“It’s incredibly important for any young golfer to have other players to look up to and in Allen John our Deaf FSP golfers have a fantastic example to follow,” commented Hassen.

“SADGA’s philosophy is to disregard the limitations imposed on one by a physical or sensory disability and Allen epitomises this mindset.”

“Thank you very much to Allen and his team for making time for our golfers and I can say with certainty that he changed the way our players will approach their golf in future.

“Finally, thank you to the Challenge Tour media team who did a superb job of capturing the visit. We are appreciative of their willingness to shine a light on disabled golf in our country,” concluded Hassen.


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