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Interpreter Insider Series

8 Jun 2022

Interpreter Insider is a monthly blog post from the website that highlights different topics regarding the journey of becoming a professional SASL interpreter in SA.

These article contributions aim to educate readers about the role of the interpreter, spread awareness about the Deaf community, and hopefully inspire people to consider becoming professional SASL interpreters.

Kindly click on the topic to read more;

Series 1) Am I really cut out to be an interpreter?

Series 2) Staying relevant in a changing world.

Series 3) To SATI or not to SATI?

Series 4) How to discover your unique abilities.

Series 5) Why interpreters should think and act like a brand.

Series 6) Survey: The online experience in the Deaf community.

Series 7) The power of progress

Series 8) Mentorship

Series 9) 2021 Reflections

Series 10) How to build your Wordbank

           Series 11) Diversity in the workplace


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