July 23, 2024

A new children’s book, “Celebrating Our Differences: Embracing My Superpowers,” written by Nkateko Emily Mabasa, a Gold Award Holder for The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, public speaker, and founder of Phoenix Alexandra, will be available at selected bookstore(s) Takealot, Loot, and Makro online from 30 November 2023.

This children’s book is curated for kids from diverse backgrounds and various ethnic groups, aiming to inspire them to embrace their true selves, irrespective of their circumstances or societal opinions. Through this book, Nkateko hopes to initiate discussions about empathy, acceptance, and self-belief, particularly among children with disabilities.

Nkateko, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, serves as a living example of defying expectations. She emphasizes that children with disabilities have their unique superpowers and should embrace who they are.


Despite being told that her wheelchair would be a constant companion, Nkateko now walks and dances, inspiring many. She has shared her story on national platforms, demonstrating that faith and resilience can lead to remarkable achievements.


Nkateko firmly believes that disabled individuals possess the same potential as anyone else. She has showcased her dancing talents at the annual ArstAbility festival, Africa’s premier disability-led inclusive arts festival in Cape Town since 2015. She has also performed at the Union Buildings and received a prestigious gold-level Presidential Award.

The book, “Celebrating Our Differences: Embracing My Superpowers,” published by Lingua Franca Publishers, will be priced at R165.00


Book available at Makro Online, Exclusive Books, Mall of Africa and Claremont, Cape Town, or contact us on Whatsapp: +27614075200

Parenting and Parents: New children’s book that seeks to inspire children with disabilities


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