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When Disabilities And Inequality Meet In A Pandemic

23 Jul 2020

What happens to the poor during self quarantine? And what happens to the disabled who don’t have support? What happens when you are both? Makgosi Letimile asks.   I am a disabled woman, I have been fortunate to afford living in an accessible home and even then the accessibility is limited because I can’t take a...

Online learning during lockdown helps us find ways to teach differently abled students

20 Jun 2020

For too long, we have been teaching and assessing with the average student in mind, without considering students with disabilities and students from less-resourced environments.

Body politics: ‘Decolonising’ disability through performance art

4 Jun 2020

By Wiaam Jacobs Our society need to rethink ways in which to include disabled people through theatre and performance. South Africa’s education in theatre and performance can be used as a medium of activism for assessing how we go about representing ourselves outside of the hegemonic able-bodied perceptions of what an artist/performer should be. According...

It’s Time to Rethink the Language of Accessibility. And to Imagine a More Equal World

21 May 2020

BY EDDIE NDOPU Ndopu is an Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. He is also the Founder and CEO of Beyond Zero Ventures. Accessibility is a slippery, deceptive word that belies its own emancipatory meaning. Let’s demonstrate this through a simple thought experiment. Imagine being a wheelchair-user....

Deciding whose lives really matter in a pandemic

18 May 2020

BY Vic McKinney  Emma McKinney  Leslie Swartz In a recent article for The Conversation, Professor Keymanthri Moodley from the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law at Stellenbosch University notes that healthcare workers will have an unenviable responsibility to make difficult and “soul-wrenching decisions” regarding prioritising who will have access to ventilators as the Covid-19 pandemic takes hold.  It...

The challenges we face disable us, not that we are disabled

14 May 2019

By Mpho Tjope “Many of us were getting ready to make our voice heard by casting our votes on this cold Wednesday of May 8, because South Africa has 25 years of a democratic system where everyone can cast their votes regardless of colour, impairment, or even religion. I was too young to vote in...

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