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Moroccan NGO Tackles Disability Services at World Economic Forum

16 May 2017

Rabat – International business, social, and political leaders are gathering May 3 to 5 in Durban, South Africa for the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017, including one Moroccan social entrepreneurship organization.

Slaoui Amina, president of the organization Act, Make, Hope (AMH), has participated in one of the symposium’s sessions entitled “Rehabilitation services and products improving the lives of people with disabilities”, discussing the challenges and issues related to people with disabilities in Morocco.

AMH is focusing on a variety of projects related to disability assistance, including health issues, social services, and enterprise development.

One of the organization’s more ambitious goals is to offer employment services, helping its patients with disabilties in applying for jobs.

Slaoui has said that her organization is focusing on fostering independence  to promote the autonomy of individuals and reduce the need of third-party assistance.

She went on to add that the second focus of her organization is to make all groups of people within a society feel appreciated, respected, and important. She also spoke about issues of education and employment.

The global symposium focuses on several challenging circumstances, including the education crisis in Africa, unemployment issues, and business trade.

By Morocco World News


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