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These wheels are made for rolling!

16 Apr 2019

Keletso on the left, Nosi in the middle, Dudu on the right

By Khumo Moyane

Ladies on Wheels is a movement driven by three women whose lives are a demonstration of their mission statement: “Disability doesn’t define us, it can only state what everyone knows, that disability has limitations but only to those who are limited by their own imagination.”

Twenty-three-year-olds, Nosiphiwo Masikane and Keletso Morulane, and Dudu Mokgonyane, 24, were friends at school and were reunited on social media where the idea of Ladies on Wheels was born.

The movement, run from Morulane’s and Mokgonyane’s hometown, and now KwaZulu-Natal-born Masikane’s adopted home, Pretoria, promotes self-acceptance as the key to conquer all, and that inner beauty exceeds any physical beauty. The women do this via social media and motivational talks.

Masikane, who has scoliosis, a medical condition that causes a sideways curvature of the spine, says they envisioned the movement being a trademark for all woman across the spectrum, especially woman with disabilities, to stimulate self-acceptance and self-growth, and to instill confidence in oneself no matter how one looks.

This spirit is also evident in Morulane who has muscular dystrophy which cause loss of muscle mass, and Mokgonyane who has paralysis in the spine.

Ladies on Wheels manager and mentor, Phindile Vilakazi, says her vision is to ensure that the women become prominent in the motivational sphere.

Vilakazi describes herself as “affected by disability”. She says she has endured her fair share of ridicule because of her body size, which is a form of disability.

Her relationship with the Ladies on Wheels was “an act of providence”, Vilakazi says. “No matter if you are disabled or not, we can all play our part to ensure that we contribute as much as we can to improve our society.”


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