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Charity run for children with disabilities races on

6 Dec 2019

Father and daughter participate in this year's edition of Nappy Run

Story by Mpho Tjope

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) hosted its 9th annual Nappy Run™ campaign at the Johannesburg Zoo in November.

This annual campaign not only brings awareness about the difficulties faced by children with disabilities not having nappies, largely from an affordability perspective, but also raises funds to buy nappies for children with disabilities.

This year’s goal is to raise enough money for at least 55 000 nappies for children with disabilities around the country. As part of basic health care to South Africans, as enshrined in the Constitution, nappies should be provided free of charge to children with disabilities via state hospitals and clinics. However, as with many services to those living with disabilities, the state has not fulfilled this duty to the most vulnerable of society.

The race is a 5km run, walk, wheel or stroll around the Johannesburg Zoo. Participants must be nine years or older, and if younger, to be accompanied by an adult.

Thabo Mokoena said as he was getting ready to race: “I support this cause because the funds raised go to charity. Now that is a cause worth supporting and having a 5km fun run for nappies supporting children with disabilities. I encourage many to support this as it makes a tangible difference in the lives of many children across South Africa.”

According to André Kalis, specialist for advocacy, policy and children’s matters at the NCPD, the nappy has become a symbol of the basic unmet needs and rights of children with disabilities. “If the incontinence of children with disabilities is not accommodated through nappies, it impacts on a number of their rights. This can include anything from infringing on their right to dignity and hygiene, through to the restriction on freedom of movement.”

Lara Rothwell, who is the campaign’s PR and media manager, said that “ Even though the Nappy Run™ race is held on the 2nd of November 2019, people can still donate nappies for children with disabilities all year round. We have offices countrywide, people can get to our website, or any of our official social media accounts to get locations to drop off nappies this December.



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