July 15, 2024

The Zero Project is a global and research driven initiative to support the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The time has come for the Zero Project Call for Nominations 2025 (#ZeroCall25). This calls on innovative, impactful, and scalable solutions from around the world.

This year’s Zero Project Call is centred around Employment and ICT. Nominations can be submitted for one of these two topics.


Article 27 of the CRPD addresses Work and Employment and informs this year’s #ZeroCall25 selection process. The topic covers many different areas, such as supported employment, vocational training, entrepreneurship, micro-finance, work and employment in the Arts, and more. Learn more about Employment topic definition here.



Information and Communication Technologies have become increasingly important for persons with disabilities. This topic covers a whole range of solutions, including web accessibility, 3D printing, AI, and other applications. ICT is part of every Zero Project Call for Nominations. Learn more about ICT topic definition here.

Each nomination must meet criteria within the following areas-



The nominated solution will have demonstrated to be innovative and effective in removing barriers for persons with disabilities. The research takes into account the local context, geographies, and groups of beneficiaries.


The impact of a particular solution could refer to the number of beneficiaries or people using a service, the solution’s growth rate, or the influence on improved public services, among others. Any selected solution must have been deployed and have already had an impact; the selection process does not consider projects or products at a concept stage


All nominations are reviewed for their potential in replicating and expanding to new geographies or growing in another way that allows a maximum number of persons with disabilities to benefit from the innovation. Among the 800+ solutions that have been awarded since 2013, scalability has been indeed multifaceted, ranging from open-source applications to the replication of effective policies, to the expansion of inclusive start-up solutions to new countries.

Nominations close on June 16th 2024. The Selection process occurs between June and October of 2024. On International Day of Person with Disabilities, December 3rd 2024, Zero Project Awardee Announcement.

Zero Project Awardees will be able to present at #ZeroCon25 at the UN in Vienna, Austria. Access the info sheet here for more details.

You can make your nomination here.

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